Hello, I’m Brenda, and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed! I am an introvert, beach enthusiast, work from home mom of three, northern girl living in Florida and dabbler in all things beautiful.

I spent over ten years behind the scenes guiding women in expressing their creative essence through entrepreneurship. That experience along with my personal journey, led me to the realization that manifesting our soul happy desires embodies a very certain truth: transformation unfolds in the inner space of who you are being.

My story began far from being in alignment with a life that I truly loved.  It’s been a process.  A long one. But, I’ve gone from living a life that felt nothing like my own to finding the courage within myself to unravel all of the parts of me that felt like a contradiction.  While, I am still in progress (and probably will always be), the inner me is aligning with the outer me.  And it couldn’t feel more amazing!

My body of work is fueled by the desire of inspiring people to create Soul Happy Lives. That’s all that really matters, right?

Feel free to send me a note at brenda@brendarivas.com.  I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Love & Light,