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Are you deeply satisfied with what you have and how your business is going?  If you are feeling like you work too much and earn too little, I encourage you to keep reading!

I’m guessing you receive all kinds of emails and invites with well-meaning, sometimes mixed messages about how to make money with your transformational business. I’ll level with you- I’m here to help you wade through the B.S. so you can get what you really need and make money faster!  And I’ve got something awesome to share with you that is definitely worth your time.

My friend Emily Utter is a dynamic business leader and has put together a unique opportunity for 6 and 7 figure coaches to teach YOU how they built their businesses!  A value-packed, 30 Day F*R*E*E TRAINING for coaches and healers looking to build a six figure business they can run from anywhere in the world!

This is not your average interview series. This is a course in wealth activation, a course in selling without feeling salesy, a course in using your purpose and your passion to create the freedom lifestyle you’re dreaming of. All at no cost to you.

Business shouldn’t be a struggle and it doesn’t have to be.

It saddens me to see people set off on this dream of living the laptop lifestyle and end up getting stuck on a hamster wheel of program after program, spending more money than they are earning! There are proven strategies out there that WORK. And First Class Coach is committed to sharing those with you so you can stop wasting time.

You should be able to:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  •  Know exactly what to do with your time, energy and resources so that you stop spinning your wheels and start earning $$
  • Streamline your business so that you can ENJOY family time, traveling and days off without panicking or losing momentum
  • Work with clients you love, not clients who drain you
  • Create signature programs that are so aligned with your heart, they are a breeze to sell
  • Establish automated income streams so that you know exactly what’s coming in each month and can go ahead and book that trip, buy that car or write that book under the comfort of financial security

Because that’s what it’s all about. Freedom. Financial freedom, Location Freedom and Time Freedom!

This is one you don’t want to miss. Each of the teachers on this training series, many of whom are good friends of mine, have built wildly successful businesses and are donating their time to show you exactly how they did it. That’s a huge value. No fluff, just strategies, mindset shifts and core training to tell you exactly what it takes to build the foundation of a six and seven figure business.

Make time for it! I try to only share with you things that I know can help you achieve your goals. I encourage you to register for the training and get the results you want. There is no reason to delay your own prosperity. This is the time to start doing it right by learning from the best!

Click ====> here to grab your spot. With this line up of mentors, this training is poised to be one of the best of the year!

To 2015 being your tipping point,

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