Committing to Your Desires

It’s no secret that most businesses fail.  I believe the failure is not because of a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of commitment on the part of the business owner. Specifically a commitment to see the desire through.  Paulo Coelho, author of, The Alchemist, refers to our desires as, “Your Personal Legend”.   Many women entrepreneurs get discouraged by all of the things that need to get figured out in order to create a successful business, so they give up.  I’ve learned in my own entrepreneurial journey that when the desire is strong enough, the way appears.

So how do we stay connected to the desire even when we feel like detaching, giving up and moving on to the next thing?

1.  Connect With the Authentic Desire
Sometimes we just struggle with connecting with what we truly want.  We think that we want one thing when deep inside it’s something bigger that we are clamoring for.  Knowing how to identify when a desire is authentic or ego driven is a significant piece of truly connecting with your desires.  I have also found that when a desire is authentic it’s so hard to let it go and move on to something else.  When the thought of a desire lights up your soul, you can bet it’s an authentic desire!

2.  Get Comfortable with Receiving
Not feeling worthy of receiving our true desires causes us to settle.  And settling never feels good and besides not making up feel good we also feel incomplete when we are accepting less than.  Learning how to receive involves connecting with your ability to feel worthy of having the things that you desire.  Sometimes not believing that you CAN have what you really want causes us to dwindle the desire down.

3.  Creating Rituals That Support The Desire
It’s just not enough to identify what we want.  With all of things that we are responsible for on a daily basis, it’s really easy for our desires to fall to the way side.  Creating daily rituals that support your desires are a sure way to bring light and focus into manifesting the things that you would like to experience in your life.

So what are you desiring these days?  Chime in and let me know!

Imagine the possibilities.

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