Finally, I did it!

For years I had a secret desire of taking an entire summer off so I could travel, read, sleep in, cook amazing meals, write and just be. No agenda, no calendars to mind or tasks to cross off. This summer, I finally did it! I took off from July 4th until Labor Day. It was amazing. I reconnected with myself and my loved one’s on a level that was totally new to me.

Why did it take me so many years to finally allow this desire to take form? Well, as you may or may not know, most of my career as an entrepreneur had consisted of me supporting other amazing online entrepreneurs reach their goals. Supporting in the way of designing, managing and implementing their online marketing systems and structures. A big reason why I was never able to take more than a week off at a time was because my business model did not support my desires. So I changed my business model so that I could experience time freedom at it’s fullest. My next challenge was positioning my new business model. Meaning, I had to figure out my message, offers and marketing strategy, among other things. Once I had these pieces in place, I divinely connected with my new desires and created the plan that would allow them to manifest.

My truth is that for a long time I carried the desire of creating a business where I could be of high service to others and to myself. But I settled into what I thought I could have and not necessarily what I really wanted. Sound familiar?

What about you?

Is not having a clear positioning strategy standing in the way of seeing your biggest desires take form?

Are you feeling flat because 2015 is almost over and you have not seen the business results you set out to create?

Are you frustrated because you want to do MORE of your work?

If so, let’s talk!

Book your complimentary Positioning Strategy Session.

During our time together you will:
1. Uncover the blind spots that are holding you back
2. Get clear on how to best position your message
3. Create a customized positioning strategy

Thinking about what you desire is not enough. You must take inspired action in the direction that supports the manifestation of what you really want to experience. Don’t let the lack of a clear message and positioning strategy stand in the way of getting your beautiful body of work into the hands of those that need it the most.

Click here to request your Positioning Strategy Session.

Love & light,

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