Stories, Gratitude & The Phoenix

Stories are an interesting thing. They have the power to reframe the paradigm that we’ve known, heal our journeys and propel us into our true desires. And while most of us recognize the power of storytelling, we still choose to stay in the story of the un-desired.

Why? Well, I believe it’s because we don’t know how to transcend our stories. So instead, we stay stuck in the lower energy parts of the story for far longer than we care to.

The first step in transcending our stories is to be grateful for all of the story. Learning how to see the story with the eyes of truth and meaning instead of allowing the pain parts of the story take over.

I get it, it can be challenging to be grateful for the experiences in our lives that have caused us fear and pain. But the truth is that when you transform the darker parts of your journey into gratitude, something really beautiful starts to happen. You are no longer controlled by the experience.

Recently, I was invited to a “Rising Strong” discussion. In this discussion, I revealed a really dark experience in my life. To be totally honest, I can’t believe I went there. But it was time. And while the experience that I shared was incredibly painful, I found a way to transform the pain into gratitude. It was hard, but releasing the darkness of the experience and learning how to tell a new story changed my life.

I modeled The Phoenix. Meaning, I consciously decided to rise above the challenges of that awful experience so I could step into the space of my radiant light. And just like The Phoenix, I sprang from the ashes of defeat, better than I was before.

Loving all of the parts of your story leads to gratitude. Gratitude reveals a new story. The new story reveals The Phoenix in you.

Listen to my very personal story in, “The Rising Phoenix” Video Summit, hosted by my lovely friend and Empowerment Coach, Nikol Peterman. In my video interview not only do I reveal my dark story, but I also talk about my process for transforming a story that stems in darkness into a new story of possibility, so that you too can do the same!

But that is not all. You’ll also hear over twenty + Rising Phoenix Stories that will leave you inspired!

Join us here:

One more thing, Thank YOU for being a part of my growing community of women who are committed to creating a life of substance and the influential business that supports it.

Sending you lot’s of light and love.


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