Your Best Year Ever

The beginning of the year is typically a time when we set intentions for what we desire in the New Year. It’s also a time when we reflect on how the previous year unfolded.  For some, its a time when the realization that what they wanted to experience did not come into fruition.

Are you feeling disappointed with the results that you created in 2015?  I’m not asking this question to make you feel bad, I am asking so that you can move through the discomfort of not creating what you really wanted and ultimately move into a new story.  I’m a firm believer that you cannot change what you are not aware of.  Taking the time to reconcile what’s been, opens up the space to receive your next level of success.

Many transformational entrepreneurs, at one point or another have dealt with the disappointing feelings of desiring something and despite all of the “doing” they still don’t create what they want.  What stands in the way of creating our desires?  While there can be many reasons why, my work has taught me that not creating our desires usually has something to do with fear of failure, lack of worthyness and being too much in the “doing”.  Can you relate?

What can you do differently this year so that at the end of 2016 you can look back and feel really excited with all that you accomplished?

The answer—-Add essence to your desires.
Essence is the frequency below our desires.  Essence is simple, yet powerful enough to bring the unseen forth.

The process for creating your best year ever.  

Once you are clear on your desires for the new year infuse them with essence.  (click here to access a complimentary “Calling in Your Desires” visualization). You see, essence informs the emotions that drive the desire. Essence trumps lower level emotions such as fear of failure and lack of worthyness.  It also transforms the energy of doing into the energy of being.  Adding essence to our intentions makes the unseen more believable.  Believing that you can achieve the intention makes it easier to bring the desire forth.

Let’s put this into practice.  Take out a sheet of paper and answer the following questions:

Feeling-What does the sum of your desires FEEL like?

Being-Who do you need to be in order to bring your desires forth?

Believing-What do you need to believe in order to create your desires?  Manifestations don’t work if we don’t believe “it” is possible.

Supporting-Who’s  support do you require in bringing your desires forth?

Implementing a practice of answering these questions every single month creates a powerful connection to your essence.  It’s the opening for your new story to emerge! It’s the difference between saying that you want something and actually experiencing it.  It’s you choosing to allow yourself to create the experiences that you desire.

My intention is that you experience the fullness of your desires.  Here’s to your best year ever!

Love & Light,




ps. Don’t forget to access the “Calling In Your Desires” guided visualization.

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