How to Stay Motivated

Here we are in the third month of 2016.  How is your year going so far?  Have you crossed off any of your goals for this year?  Or, have you lost connection with your desires?  Usually, people create their intentions for the year, get really excited about their desires, only to fail at keeping themselves accountable.

In the past I would lose motivation for the things I said I wanted to accomplish because deep inside, I was not really committed to the “thing”.  After years of not accomplishing the things that I wanted for myself, I finally understood that my challenge really stemmed from  a lack of a decision.  In other words, my vague decisions led to a lack of commitment which ultimately led my motivation to dwindle all together.

How about you, are you finding yourself lacking motivation?  Do you want to get back on track with your intentions?

Here’s a process for helping you get back into your groove:

    1. Make aligned decisions.  Aligned decisions are the ones that we make from a place of truth and self-love. They are not decisions that we make on an impulse due to pressure, fear, doubt, other’s influence or based on self-imposed limits. Aligned decisions feel authentic. They are typically made after a period of quiet reflection in which we ask for guidance from our higher source.  I like to call that a co-creative process.
    2. Make the commitment. Committing to something means that you are going to see the thing into fruition no matter what.  Commitment is really all about focus, persistence and creativity.  It’s easy to shift your focus from one thing to the next. The problem with doing that is what we never get to experience what we wanted. I have found that we tend to jump to the next endeavour when what we have been wanting to accomplish starts to feel hard or uncomfortable.  Do you agree?  A great way to bring your focus back is to become aware of what is really going on, such as fear, helplessness, confusion, etc. Then ask yourself, ” What one thing can I do today to move my intention forward?”.  Just one thing.
    3. Choose to stay motivated.  We can keep ourselves motivated by choosing to feel the emotions that support our decisions.  Our emotions spark feelings and the feelings keep you engaged in remaining committed to the decision that you’ve made.  Easy right? What is required is a daily practice in which you connect emotionally with your decision.  Allow the feeling place of your desire to take over. And when doubt starts to creep in (because it will) go back to the feeling place that represents your desire manifested.

Simple, yet so powerful.

Let me know how it goes for you!

Love + Light,

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