LET GO of the stories that keep you small. Let go of the fear and doubt that stops you from moving in the direction of your dreams.  Let go of lack, it’s not meant to be part of your story.  Let go of reactivity. Let go of anything or anyone that does not support who you are becoming.  Let go of self-imposed limits. Let go of any guilt that stems from decisions that made when you didn’t know any better. Let go and breathe.    FORGIVE yourself for everything.  It changes everything.  Forgive your family of origin, they didn’t know any better.  Forgive your partners, spouses and significant others, past or present. Forgiveness is never about the other person.  It’s always about you. Forgiveness is not about letting people off the hook.  It means that you are choosing to forgive them so you can be free. Forgive, and experience miracles.

LOVE yourself.  No, really love yourself, not on a superficial level, but at a soul level.  Love all of the parts of your story.  Love your truth.  Love yourself before you love someone else.  It sounds selfish to love ourselves more and it may not make any sense intellectually, but on a soul level,  it makes total sense.  Love the inner child who feels neglected and misunderstood.  Love the scars and the wounds. Love the voice of doubt. Let it know that “you’ve got this”. Show yourself love by engaging extreme self-care.  Love who’ve you’ve been and who you’re becoming.  In every situation drop down to love.

GRATITUDE makes us feel good.  It raises our vibration and has the power to shift us energetically, almost instantly.  Desiring more from a place of lack repels the manifestation, but practice gratitude for what you have and watch your desires manifest. Gratitude is an attitude. Gratitude is a choice. And gratitude is a habit. As you move through your day, pause now and then and reflect on something that you are grateful for.  Cultivating the practice of gratitude is the key to manifesting your desires with ease and grace.

UNCOVER who you really are.  Take a break from all of the noise.  Step into the courageous part of you that is curious about what the limitless you looks like.  Ask for guidance from your higher source.  Keep asking until the fullness of who you are is revealed. Don’t be afraid to part with the ideas of yourself that no longer resonate.  Be bold and build from the ground up. Get clear on your top two personal values. Know that the voice of your ego will try to be louder than your souls voice, but you will know when the real you identifies itself. The real you is enough and has enough. Uncovering your authentic self feels like bliss.

ALIGN with your highest creative possibility.  Open your mind and your heart to the idea of infinite possibilities. Release the idea that you will become self actualized when you get this or that.  We are all called to a body of work.  Don’t be one of the those who hears the calling and decides to ignore it because of self imposed fears.  Plant your seed and watch it grow into a movement of change, first for yourself and then for others.  Self actualization has nothing to do with luck or intellect, it has all to do with the courage to take the leap of faith.  

DESIRE.  Reconnect with your desires. Not the desires that you think you can have, but your soul desires.  The ones that require you to go beyond what you can do on your own.  The desires that require assistance from your higher source,  those are your aligned desires. Your desire to create is your divine right. Hold your desires up to the light and watch them beautifully unfold. Nurture your desires by seeing their physical form in your mind’s eye.  Keep your inner most desires to yourself. Treat your desires as sacred, because they are. 

DECIDE that it’s time to move on from the story of what was. Decide to surround yourself with souls who inspire you.  Decide to take the first step so the next one can reveal itself. Decide to surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you. Decide to have fun again. Decide to quiet your mind daily. Decide that all answers are within. Decide that you are worthy of the beautiful story that is emerging within you.

BE.  Spend more time being than doing. Be ok with others opinion of you.  Find the feeling place of who you desire to be. Be comfortable with being the first in your family of origin to…  Be compassionate towards yourself and others.  Be someone who co-creates with the divine.  Be inspirational.  Be the light everywhere you go. Be the person who allows abundance.  Be a person of increase. Be the person who says, “I’m sorry” first.  Be a receiver, because you deserve it! Be open to a new perspective of who you truly are. 

CREATE RITUALS that support your desires.  Rituals send the Universe the message that you are ready to receive your next set of experiences. Rituals create the time and space for breakthroughs.  Rituals break down the illusion of overwhelm. Rituals transform big desires into bite sized successes. Rituals support our needs for structure and balance. Rituals close the gap between where we are today and where we desire to be.  Rituals encourage self-love,  Daily rituals allow you to truly enjoy your journey, not just the destination.

Transform your perspective. Transform your life. Lead transformation.