Meet Jenni Syrjala

Jenni Syrjala is a money coach who specializes in helping women re-write their money story and create a happy relationship with their money.

She is passionate about helping women discover what she has learnt: that money doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be exciting, too!

What are you inspired by today?

It inspires me to see the women I work with being so determined to face their financial reality head on, even when it scares them and stresses them out. Getting on top of your finances takes a lot of work, both practical and emotional work, and seeing these amazing women take that step and push onwards even when they feel loads of resistance is really inspiring! It shows me that my work and passion has a purpose.

What paradigm are you here to shift?

I want to help women create a happy relationship with their money. So many people, and women in particular, often feel overwhelmed by their finances; they’re not quite sure where their money goes, they never feel like there’s enough to put some of it aside, and they don’t feel like they’re allowed to keep any of what they earn for themselves, as they have so many other commitments. Women also often feel like they don’t know as much about money as men do, even when this is not really the case. I want to empower women to take their finances into their own hands, and show them that money isn’t scary and stressful, it’s fun and exciting!

What was your biggest struggle with positioning your business?

Just getting out there and finding my audience. I know that what I have to offer is badly needed, but it’s all about reaching the people who need what you have to offer, and who resonate with your message. Money is also a touchy subject for many people, as many women are not used to talking about it, so first I had to reassure them that it really is okay to talk about money.

What self-doubt did you overcome in order to get to where you are today?

I don’t have a background in finance – I’m completely self-taught, so I used to worry that people wouldn’t take me and my advice seriously. But I am so very passionate about what I do, so there was no way I could not do it, I just had to get my message out there, and I think people are drawn to that passion.

Where can we learn more about you and your work?

My website is, and to receive a free audio + workbook that I have created called Take Control of Your Finances, go to



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