The External Hustle

What is it that you are seeking more of? Is it more wealth, creativity, freedom, beauty or contribution?

If you’re like me, when I was in seeker mode, I really wanted more of all of those things. But I didn’t quite understand HOW to bring more of those attributes into my life.

So I bought many courses, read lots of books, and overwhelmed my mind with so much information that I did very little with. I simply kept seeking. I was in perpetual learning mode and yet, I still felt like there was a huge gap between what I wanted and what I was actually experiencing.

The turning point came when I took a new a new approach to creating my desires.

The new approach was to turn inward.

When we look outward we are looking for the symptom of our disconnect. Looking inward is powerfully uncovering the cause of your misalignment.

I stopped looking outward for the manifestation of my desires. I boldly embraced that my external reality was a reflection of my internal reality. This is how the Rituals of Desire process began to take its physical form.

Can you relate to the external hustle?

Are you looking inward to powerfully align with your desires? Or has your quest for a more aligned life become an outside of yourself journey?

Affirm that you give yourself fully to aligning with your true desires~and watch yourself begin to call in your desires.

I give myself fully to aligning with my desires.

Love & light,


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