For as long as I can remember fear ruled my world…

I rarely took risks. I didn’t ask for or expect amazing outcomes. I required little from my relationships. I experienced life outside of myself instead of within. I settled for less and put my desires on the back shelf. I was also very co-dependent.

I was too afraid of owning my truth and desires and acting on what I really wanted in my life.

You can live this way only for so long before the Divine smacks you in the head with an experience that forces you to look fear straight into its eyes.

This work is about returning to our truest essence and healing the space between who we are today and the person we are meant to be so we can align with our authenticity. This leads to experiencing the energy I call, Soul Happy.

Yet, becoming one with this energy of authenticity requires us to commune with fear.

We must find the courage to transform fear into a catalyst for intentional living rather than an energy that keeps us stuck.

Having a spiritual conversation with fear changes everything. It’s not about becoming fearless. It’s about looking at fear as a teacher and the powerful messenger that it is. There’s nothing more empowering than unfolding your fears into divine lessons of love and growth.

I believe we find authenticity with our soul at the intersection of fear and love. 

One does not work without the other. The dance of fear and love guides us into experiencing the most authentic version of ourselves. When we do, the happy in our soul becomes evident.

We live from a place of reverence and love for ourselves. We embody the pure and unlimited consciousness within.  We surrender to the realms of the unseen.  We turn to our bodies and listen to its powerful wisdom and guidance. We heal and release what no longer serves us. We fully step into our God given purpose.

I believe dancing with fear and love heals us and paves the way for our soul happy self to emerge. 

It heals the way we perceive ourselves and others. It heals the limiting beliefs we’ve held about ourselves and others. It heals the choices we make about how to move our lives forward. The dance of fear and love teaches us how to experience wounds from the lens of potential.

My commitment to this work, to myself and to you, is to continue to explore ways of being in rhythm with our soul. So when we look back at our lives we see evidence of a beautiful life fully lived.